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Dear Customers:


Are you green with envy at your neighbor's lawn?  Is it so lush that you want to walk through it bare footed?  What's their secret?  


Feeding is the most important thing you can do for your lawn.  Although, no two lawns are alike, fertilizing can make all the difference.  Where you live, if you have new sod or an established lawn, whether you have sun or shade, maintaining a regular feeding schedule will do your lawn good.  A well-feed lawn is healthier and promotes a better root system to combat the elements. 


Early Spring (February-March)

Wake up your lawn from the winter blues!  Feeding your lawn gets it off to a great start by strengthening the root system.  Applying a "Feed-n-feed" will strengthen the lawn before the heavy growing season and helps zap the new weeds.  

Late Spring/Early Summer (May-June)

With the temperatures rising, your lawn is using up stored energy from the previous feed.  Now is the time to apply a "Turf builder" designed to help the lawn thrive through the heat, drought, foot traffic and other stresses.  

Summer (July-August)
HOT is the best word to describe Houston's summers.  Don't let the heat, lawn mowing and insects stress your lawn out.  A "Summer guard" will ensue that your lawn stays healthy and beautiful through these difficult months.

Fall/Winter (October-November)

Finally, cooler weather, amble rain and morning dew!  This could be the single most important feed of the season as your grass prepares for winter.  Applying a "Winterizer" will lock in essential nutrients as it recovers from the summer damage and stores nitrogen for next year's growth.


Sign up for a full years feeding (four applications) schedule, pay upfront and 
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Call us today and ask about our single or year round feed programs and make your neighbors green with envy!! 
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